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NGO Fact-Finding for IHL Enforcement: In Search of a New Model

Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (Amnesty), and other like-minded organisations have become major actors in the world of international humanitarian law (IHL). Every year they issue hundreds of publications purporting to document violations and to promote IHL enforcement. These publications are ubiquitously cited in the media, and used as source material for governmental and United Nations inquiries, quasi-judicial bodies, the International Criminal Court, academic studies, and other frameworks.

די לתעמולה בדו"חות האו"ם

הדו"ח על "צוק איתן" של האו"ם עומד להתפרסם ולא מדברים על ארגונים לא-ממשלתיים שעליהם הוא מסתמך. ארגונים אלה חסרים את המומחיות במבצעים צבאיים ולא מודעים למה שקרה בפועל, אך עדיין מטיחים האשמות חמורות בישראל

[Opinion] NGO Silence on PLO Terror Verdict

Anne Herzberg maintains that while one would expect human rights and international justice NGOs and activists, who have campaigned on universal human rights issues for decades, to support the landmark decision of Sokolow v. PLO, their silence speaks volumes.

[Opinion] Findings, But Few Facts

Anne Herzberg maintains that without professionalization and standardization, NGO fact-finding should be viewed as nothing more than politicized advocacy.

[Opinion] The Palestinian War on Children

Anne Herzberg maintains that depraved exploitation and abuse of children as targets and weapons will not end so long as the UN, members of international community and NGOs continue to enable these atrocities.

[Opinion] With Friends Like Norway

Anne Herzberg maintains that the Norwegian government continues to provide tens of millions of kroner to organizations that actively promote BDS, campaign against the right of the Jewish people to self determination, and seek to undermine the Oslo Framework.

[Opinion] Showdown between UN Human Rights Council and Israel?

The UN, HRW, and the other organizations that are responsible for the dysfunctional state of affairs at the Human Rights Council have no one to blame but themselves. If the collapse of UPR is what it takes to force real change at the HRC and to end the stranglehold of abusive regimes at that institution, it will be worth it.

[Opinion] The Corrie case: Reckless choices

Anne Herzberg analyzes the Rachel Corrie case, ISMs anti-human rights agenda, and how NGO activists will spin the verdict to promote BDS, lawfare, and further attempts to delegitimize the Israeli justice system.

[Opinion] The truth about Gaza

Anne Herzberg and Jason Edelstein discuss Israel's Gaza policy in the wake of the release of Gilad Shalit and calls by NGOs to "lift the Gaza siege."

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